Those of you who regularly use Twitter as a social media marketing tool know the feeling: typing a great write-up for your post, inserting a beautiful image and link and BOOM – your post is too long… Thankfully, the frustration will be a thing of the past as Twitter announced a few days ago that photos and links will no longer be counted as part of the 140-character tweet limit.

It might not look like much of an advantage, but having an extra 23 or 46 characters in your tweet – links and photos take up 23 characters each – makes a lot of difference to the content. Users will now be able to add more valuable information in their tweets, as they have more characters to play with. Thus, information in the original tweet won’t have to be compromised to add imagery and links. Read more

At JQ Digital we have done a few happy dances around the office because of the wonderful news – now our clients’ content can be posted more effectively and even MORE epic! Our team is fully aware of the power of ideas and the conversations they create – with the right Twitter campaign, your company can transform its image and reach exactly the kinds of people you want. Find out more.