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Your competition is using email marketing, If you are not using email marketing to market your business you are missing an opportunity

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    There is a misconception that email marketing is a relic from the 90s, and that in the era of spam filters, it’s a fruitless exercise. The numbers show exactly the opposite: digital marketing analyses consistently show that email campaigns are the single most effective way of putting your brand directly in front of the right audience, right away.

    Our email marketing strategies use contact databases that cover your clients and a wider pool of individuals and businesses that would be most likely to respond to your enterprise. We offer a full email campaign development plan, from conceptualisation to design, writing, construction and distribution. Our current clients have benefited greatly from our successful email marketing solutions, having their businesses presented professionally and beautifully, to exacting standards.

    All email marketing promotions are designed with you and your potential clients in mind – each detail is crafted after direct consultations with you, to ensure that the image of your brand that goes out is exactly tailored to your needs. Our team here at JQ Digital is experienced in designing and writing engaging, meaningful content that will captivate your potential clients and create leads for your business. A well-made marketing email will not be stopped by spam filters, and so your brand is certain to make an impression. In addition, we have carefully monitored the latest research and trends to find the right timing and frequency of emailing, to maximise their effectiveness and impact.

    Feel free to contact us to enquire about an email marketing campaign that is right for you. Our team at JQ Digital will be happy to consult with you and offer an obligation-free quote, should you wish to include email promotions in your marketing plan. Use the contact form included on this page, or call us today.

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