Is your Social Media Presence stuck in the Prehistoric Era?

JQ Digital Social Media Marketing Service

Let JQ Digital evolve your brand into a social media dinosaur slayer!

Is your Social Media Presence stuck in the Prehistoric Era?

Let JQ Digital evolve your brand into a Social Media dinosaur slayer!


    Stuck in the Social Media Stone Age? Let JQ Digital propel your brand into the future with cutting-edge strategies.

    Ditch the analog algorithms and embrace the power of data-driven social media with JQ Digital’s future-proof solutions. JQ Digital amplifies your brand voice, not with primal roars, but with laser-targeted campaigns that cut through the digital noise. Navigate the ever-shifting social media landscape with ease. JQ Digital guides you across all platforms, from established frontiers to uncharted territories. Stand out from the crowd with JQ Digital. We don’t just make you visible, we make you the center of the digital galaxy.

    What is Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is the ultimate tool for reaching and connecting with your desired audience, elevating your brand, and attaining your business objectives. It involves creating captivating content, utilizing tailored advertisements, promoting audience engagement, and regularly evaluating results to refine your approach. By harnessing the power of widely used social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can attract new customers, increase audience interaction, and achieve tangible outcomes for your business.

    JQ Digital Social Media Strategic Optimisation

    Strategically Optimised

    We craft a meticulous social media strategy to ensure optimal results in brand exposure and audience engagement.

    JQ Digital Social Media Platform Expertise Service

    Platform Expertise

    Our team is adept at navigating the nuances of each platform, tailoring content and campaigns for maximum impact.

    JQ Digital Social Media Service Comprehensive Presence

    Comprehensive Presence

    From Facebook’s community-building to Instagram’s visual storytelling, we ensure your brand is well-represented across diverse platforms.

    JQ Digital Social Media Adaptability


    We stay ahead of trends, adapting your strategy to evolving social media landscapes, guaranteeing a future-proofed digital presence.

    Our Social Media Expertise are on the following platforms

    (But not limited to)

    JQ Digital Off-Page SEO: Link building, guest posting, and online reputation management.


    • Massive reach: Connect with billions of potential customers on a single platform.
    • Laser targeting: Pinpoint your ideal audience with hyper-specific ad options.
    • Content chameleon: Adapt your message with images, videos, live streams, and more.
    • Community magnet: Build deep connections and brand loyalty through groups and events.


    • Professional networking: Connect with potential clients, partners, and talent.
    • Establish expertise: Share industry insights, publish thought leadership articles, and participate in discussions.
    • B2B marketing: Target decision-makers and generate leads.


    • Visual storytelling: Ideal for showcasing products, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, and building brand identity through captivating visuals.
    • Influencer marketing: Collaborate with relevant influencers to reach a targeted audience and build brand trust.
    • Strong engagement: High interaction rates through likes, comments, and direct messages.
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    X (Twitter)

    • Real-time engagement: Great for live streams, news updates, and quick interactions with your audience.
    • Trending topics: Join conversations around relevant hashtags and reach a wider audience.
    • Customer service: Provide responsive support and address public concerns directly.
    jq digital location based seo services in pretoria


    • Video marketing: Create engaging video content to educate, entertain, and inform your audience.
    • Build brand awareness: Share company culture, product demonstrations, and testimonials.
    • Long-form storytelling: Tell deeper stories and showcase your brand values through longer videos.


    What platforms do you manage?

    We manage most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We can tailor a strategy based on your target audience and goals.

    How much does it cost?

    Our pricing is customised based on your needs and budget. We offer flexible packages and individual plans to fit your requirements. We do however have a ballpark solution for small and medium businesses. See Packages here

    What kind of content do you create?

      We create engaging content like visuals, articles, polls, and videos aligned with your brand identity and target audience.

      Can you guarantee results?

        While we can’t guarantee specific outcomes, we use proven strategies and track key metrics to optimize campaigns for maximum impact.

        How often will you post?

          Frequency depends on your goals and platform strategy. We work with you to develop a consistent posting schedule.

          Do you handle paid advertising?

            Yes, we offer paid ad management to amplify your reach and target specific audiences.

            How do you measure success?

              We track key metrics like reach, engagement, website traffic, and conversions to measure campaign performance and show you the results.

              How involved do I need to be?

                We believe in collaboration. You provide brand insights and feedback, while we handle the execution and reporting.

                What if I want to make changes to my strategy?

                  We offer flexible plans and open communication. We’re happy to adapt the strategy based on your evolving needs and feedback.

                  Do you offer reporting and analytics?

                    We provide regular reports with detailed data on performance metrics, allowing you to stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

                    See What Others had to say about us

                    Alma Darlington
                    Alma Darlington
                    We've been dealing with JQ Digital Marketing for just over a year. Our social media presence and branding feedback and success, have improved substantially. We get reports on a monthly basis to give feedback on the performance of the month. Their input in our marketing plan has made all the difference. I would strongly recommend them to any business who needs professional input in their digital marketing projects.
                    Samantha Coetzee
                    Samantha Coetzee
                    JQ Digital Marketing ensures that their communication is constant and timely with great care put into any project at hand. With their excellent skills and knowledge within the Social Media field, we have experienced higher customer engagement and also gained a bigger audience with new and exciting content.
                    Christiaan Wilkens
                    Christiaan Wilkens
                    These guys know what they are doing. We used 2 different agencies and they were definitely the most knowledgeable. We use them for all our digital marketing needs now.
                    Mona Duister
                    Mona Duister
                    Always a pleasure to work with JQ Digital. Thank you for your professional and friendly service!
                    Marius Burger
                    Marius Burger
                    Professional advise and weekly follow ups on all the campaigns they manage for me, they create my advertisements and design and dont have to worry that there will be problems
                    Christo Swanepoel
                    Christo Swanepoel
                    I have been working with JQ Digital for quite some time and their work is incredible. They are experts in online marketing and they deliver actionable results.
                    Shaun Welmans
                    Shaun Welmans
                    I met Juan Quinn from JQ Digital Marketing and Communications in September 2020, during the time we were in need of more digital exposure, Juan quickly understood what was needed and rised to the task. Always friendly, but more importantly brought new ideas, suggestions and proposals. Most importantly he was able to measure the outputs and present them, as a result we have been able to succeed in our current targets and projects. Our product looks fantastic and our reach has extended tremendously. I would recommend JQ Digital Marketing and Communications to anyone who needs a digital footprint. Juan and his team are quick, responsive and a pleasure to work with. Thank you JQ Digital Marketing and Communications. Shaun Welmans Basedi Professionals (PTY) LTD
                    Karen De Villiers
                    Karen De Villiers
                    I have worked with Juan for many years. He always delivers top quality adds and designs. He's intuitive and makes your brand stand out from the rest. He has been a great sounding board and strategist to me on my business journey.
                    Hannericke Hoffeldt
                    Hannericke Hoffeldt
                    Thank you to Juan Quinn and his team for helping the Hoffeldt Motor Group with increasing our leads thru Social Media Marketing. Juan is passionate about his field and always assist us as the client to ensure maximum exposure on the Social platform. If you would like to increase your Social Media footprint, I would definitely recommend JQ Digital to assist your business, this is the new and only way to market your business! Hannericke Hoffeldt, Director at the Hoffeldt Motor Group
                    BaseCloud Manager
                    BaseCloud Manager
                    We have been working with JQ Digital for quite some time and their work is incredible. They really are experts in online marketing and design and they always have great fresh ideas. Thank you for everything!

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