How to transform into a social business

“Create a social media strategy”, “Become a social business” or “Engage your customers on social media” – these are some of the things you are likely to read when you look for ways to make your brand more popular online. Suddenly, from being a simple place for people to meet each other, social media has turned into a place where businesses are meeting and talking to their customers every single day. It has transformed into a feedback platform that some companies are exploiting brilliantly, but others are just stumbling around, trying to find their feet.

The biggest problem with most organisations is that they are not quite aware of the power of this amazing platform. The lack of a capable partner or know-how is the primary cause for under-utilisation of this amazing marketing platform. However, with a few simple steps, any business can become a “social business” and boost their online brand image on a whole new platform.

Talking to Customers

Before social media, one thing businesses found hard to do was pick the brains of their customers. Every customer has the potential of telling you ways to improve your products or business. However, organisations that are inactive on social media struggle to gather information from them. Polls and surveys are too tedious and, often, inaccurate in their results because people who do take the time out to fill them out, do so consciously. Social media, on the other hand, allows for interaction in an informal setup, thereby letting customers be themselves and paint a more accurate picture for businesses.

The other area where talking to customers has become popular is in the customer-care aspect, where businesses not only deal with customer grievances on these platforms, but can also win instant brownie points. Just as a bad review can have a major impact on social media, spreading like wild-fire, a good response to that bad review can also spread equally quickly.

Flexibility and Versatility

The level of interaction possible on social media along with the versatility of different kinds of media that can be used on it makes this one of the best ways to communicate with your customers and prospects in unique ways. Whether you are sending out funny cat videos or asking customers to post their own images with your products, the flexibility of social media can really help businesses like yours strike a chord with their customer base.

The one thing that can really help you get through the process of converting a regular business into a social business is a great partner! With a company like JQ Digital, you get a flexible solution that can be tweaked to meet your company’s philosophy. You will easily find unique and interesting ways to engage your customers.