Creating effective, engaging and relative content that reaches the right audience, and keeps that audience engaged and entertained, can be described as the “holy grail” of social media marketing success. This is no different for the hospitality industry in Africa – there is so much happening at a hotel, resort, lodge or guest house on any given day that it can be very difficult to write new, original content on social media platforms.

Here are some suggestions for establishments in the hospitality industry in Africa on what to write about on social media in order to reach their desired audience:

  • Images of staff. Guests and potential visitors like seeing staff interacting with other guests. It also shows that your staff care and will go out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable.
  • Food and drink. This is a great selling point for your establishment. Showing off your greatest breakfast, lunch and dinner creations, as well as some of your most enticing beverages (cocktails by the pool), will keep guests coming back for more.
  • Events. Keeping guests and potential patrons informed about what is happening at your establishment is very important. Be sure to ad pictures and event links.
  • Rewards and reviews. There’s nothing wrong with showing off once in a while!
  • Weather updates. Informing guests what the weather is up to will make it easier for them to plan activities.
  • Local news. Has your establishment been featured in the newspaper, television or online recently? Write about it – your followers online will enjoy seeing the coverage and being informed.
  • Share the love. If your establishment is involved in any charity work, share it with your followers. Doing so will go a long way to cement a solid reputation, and showing your caring side will do wonders for your relationship with your local community.
  • Quotes. Posting quotes or images of your establishments with accompanying quotes is a goldmine – social media users love sharing those!
  • Behind-the-scenes access. To ensure that your content doesn’t become too repetitive, allow your followers to see what goes on behind the scenes – office staff, the workings of the kitchen or the garden crew. This is a refreshing approach and will give your whole team a sense of confidence and belonging.
  • Recipes. Every chef has a signature dish or specialty – post some of your restaurant’s favourite recipes online – followers and regular visitors will love trying out that amazing dish they remembered having at your establishment.
  • Guest pictures. If a guest made the effort to share their great experience while staying at your establishment, make the effort to acknowledge or share it with your followers. This shows your gratitude and makes guests the stars of the show!
  • Contests. Creating games or contests, like lucky draws or Christmas prize give-aways, will retain interest in your establishment and shows that you have a fun, lighter side – exactly what people look for when they book a holiday!
  • Specials, packages and promotions. What makes you stand out from your competitors? Better value for money, of course. Be sure to regularly post and share new special rates and packages with your followers – holiday makers are always looking for the best deal!

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