You can do social media for free, right? Not if you want to get social media results! Why is this? Let’s take a look.

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, by 2018, internet traffic will be more than three times what it was by the year 2013. Similarly, the quantity of content is doubling every year. These statistics indicate that your business or brand content, regardless of how compelling it might be, competes with millions of other players.

Producing quality content is not enough; you have to ensure that it gets noticed. Content promotion on social media is therefore vital for any comprehensive digital marketing plan. But should you pay for it to get better results? The shortest answer is probably yes; here is why:

Better Results Are Achieved By Experts

Anybody can promote their brand(s) through social media. However, to be comprehensive with your marketing strategy, you have to produce informative content, interact with your potential customers, respond to comments, and monitor feedbacks. And don’t forget that there are various media platforms that you need to have a presence in—Facebook , LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, just to name a few.

A business owner or manager simply doesn’t have the time to manage all these social media activities, so to get better results, you should consider paying an expert.

A Cross-Discipline Team

When you outsource your social media needs, you not only benefit from strategist and analytics specialists, you also get art directors and state-of-the-art copywriters to create great content for you. What’s more, if you opt for a full-service advertising agency, you benefit from a team that thinks of social media as a greater part of your marketing plan—not within a silo.

Management Back-up

It is easy to meet standard response timeframes required by certain social media platforms during a ‘normal’ week, but what about when you or your community manager get sick? Or what if an issue sparks a huge response from your customers that one person can’t keep up with? Agencies have the expertise and the infrastructure to provide you with professional and extra coverage in such situations.

Social Media is Cost Effective 

To reach 1 000 people, you spend $2.75 in Adwords. However, reaching the same number on Facebook will cost you just $0.25. In fact, social media experts put it another way: spending $1 on social media promotions every day can get your content in front of more than 4 000 people on a daily basis.

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