There are just over seven billion people in the world. About one in four use social media. The number of users increases 15-20 percent each year. With social media, you’ll have access to news from all over the world: political, social and business. Whatever your interest, there is a community of like-minded people on social media willing to share with you.

Real Time Communication

Social media is how we instantly communicate with each other, share videos, music and photos. It is exciting to see people sharing their daily thoughts about issues, staying in touch with family members throughout the day and letting us all see the magnificent sunset they witnessed on their way home from work.

We have never been more in touch. Sometimes we use our desktop or laptop computers for social media, but it is more common to use cell phones or tablets. We like our social media to be mobile because we are mobile. Our friends and family are all over the world, and we can stay connected to them.

Social Media Is For Everyone

Parents are aghast when their nine-year-old asks for a phone. By the time he is ten, parents have seen the benefits and the kid gets a phone. Adults are benefiting from social media because it puts them in the loop of their children and grandchildren’s daily activities. No longer do families have to go nine hours every day without communicating. Grandparents do not have to wait to see the new baby. Social media is how we live our lives, and while it will continually evolve, it is not likely it will ever go away.

In South Africa alone, 60% of the population use mobile devices to access the internet. Most of them are on social media. It is no surprise then that businesses are moving their newspaper, radio and television advertising budgets to social media. That is, after all, where the consumers are now. Even business-to-business sales are conducted via social media. Banks, shops, doctors, restaurants, schools and service-oriented businesses have or are developing their own apps so customers can access their site with one click.

A Recipe For Success

Getting your business on social media is your best bet for future success. Many believe that if you are not there then you will soon be out of business. Most business owners are busy running their businesses. They have no time to learn how social media marketing works and stays maintained. For them, customised outsourcing by experienced professionals is the way to go. To find out more about social media advertising go to