Interactive, cost-effective and highly impactful social media is undeniably a powerful marketing tool. With the capacity to reach millions, integrating this platform in your marketing campaign can improve brand awareness, increase conversion rates and lower your costs.

At JQ Digital, we can manage your social profiles and presence to help you connect with your customers. With years of experience creating original, shareable content, our social media experts know more than a thing or two about making your business stand out. This is how we do it:

Extend Your Reach

Every day, millions of South Africans log into social media platforms to engage with other users and share stimulating content. These are millions of potential customers offering their undivided attention on mobile devices all day. But which social media networks are best for your business? We can help with that! We work hard to establish and maintain your social presence, placing your business right in front of eager users daily to turn them into loyal customers.

Increase Conversions

According to statistics, social media generates 13% more conversion rates than conventional leads, making it more effective than outbound marketing. In addition, 85% of users who follow brands end up recommending them to other users in the network.

With numbers like these, you can increase your business’ revenue exponentially. Because lead generation and conversion rates are driven by interaction, our specialists can produce creative content that will keep your audience constantly engaged.

Lower Costs

With outbound marketing becoming more expensive, social media marketing is a much more cost-effective option. Because it combines high traffic with fewer resources, you can achieve your financial goals with half the budget.

Going the social media route can also help cut the costs of search engine lead generation. Although Pay-Per-Click advertising is an effective strategy for generating website traffic, uninformed decisions can be very costly – another reason to get guidance from the experts.

Build Credibility

Marketing on social media not only improves your business’ visibility, it also helps build lasting relationships with customers. Maintaining your profile, promoting pages and updating content is key to an effective marketing campaign. If your brand is on your customers’ lips, your business will be on their minds too.

Communicating via social networks also adds a human element to your business. Instead of pushing product and services in consumers’ faces, you can create content and offers that best appeals to their needs.

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