Hi, my name is Juan! I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

If you want to start you digital marketing journey with us, click here.

Hi, my name is Juan! I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

If you want to start you digital marketing journey with us, click here.

Retain your clients with Social Media

by | May 8, 2023


    The internet is an immense entity and because the world is getting digitally flatter every day, people are just easier to reach. With the amount of digital marketing platforms available, we all come together online one way or another. Millions of user accounts are creating a huge network ensuring lead generation on a different level. Thus, our businesses have the potential to grow exponentially if we implement the right strategies.

    Social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can create links between your business, its brand, your products and services and your current clients, previous customers as well as new interested parties.

    We recommend the following 5 ways to ensure effective customer retention through social media:

    Tracking your potentials and surely’s

    You should always know what your audience wants, what interests them and what their shopping habits are. Facebook and a few other social media platforms allow you to view insights on these people. We can see what their interests and dislikes are, their personal and relationship statuses, hobbies, and even their age and where they reside. With this we can build better user experiences and content strategies to speak directly to what our clients and audiences might enjoy and engage with.

    Make sure you are found

    The easier it is to find your page, the more likely you’ll get new followers. What’s more important is that existing consumers are more likely to follow your brand once they are given the opportunity. This gives you the chance to improve your retention rate by expanding the base of customers that you are interacting with. Spending money, in other words to sponsor or boost a post will ensure that your unique content is found and seen by the right audiences. It’s the easiest and the costliest way to reach your tribe of customers. A few less expensive ways to achieve similar results is to:

      • Use your company logo as your page’s profile image for people to quickly recognise your brand.
      • Naming your business page the same as your company’s will also enhance your brand recognition on social channels without confusing people.
      • Use industry related hashtags to enhance your reach to people interested in your subject matter, products or services. This will also enhance the opportunity to talk to people who are not currently part of your tribe of followers.

    Make sure you use the right platform for your digital marketing

    The easiest way to determine which social media platform delivers the most traffic, leads and conversions from your website is to look at your Google analytics. You will even be able to see where your traffic originates from in the sense of geolocation. As soon as you get the gist of where your clients are and what makes them tick you will know where your activity should lie. You should always remember that your clients can migrate. Keep on monitoring your insights and analytics to ensure you are always targeting the right people with your advertising. 

    Provide relevant and interesting content

    For the believers who think that videos and high-quality images tick the box for valuable content, think again. There is more to content to just images and video. People want the meat, not the bones. Educational pieces to inform your audience on the effective use of your products as well as success stories will enhance your brand and attract your ideal clients. You should also let your customers ask questions about your brand to understand where you could expand on your content. Sales offers and promotions are also a very effective method to reward your loyalists. By promoting your offerings and specials you will attract old clients to buy more from you as well as gaining new clients.

    Connect with your people

    Make sure your response time to questions and queries are fast and efficient. Go the extra mile, because this is one of the most effective methods to build trust. Customers are looking for a few basics like “Can I trust this person?”, “Are they going to give me special attention?” or even “Is their pricing fair and do they provide quality services?”. By growing an intimate relationship with your clients, you will be able to keep your finger on their needs as well as promoting referral business. I always find that word of mouth business remains the best way of gaining clients. This can only be achieved by maintaining good relationships with my customers. So, let your social media channels become part of you customer experience and service.

    Remember to find the ideal customer communication channel to engage with clients. If Facebook Messenger works, utilize it. FB Messenger can integrate some automation. Maybe your clients use comments on LinkedIn or will press the WhatsApp button on your website. Just make sure all the communication channels that you do provide is monitored on a regular basis, that your response time is quick, and your answers are human.

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