Marketing is an age-old part of any business, but in today’s world keeping up with new forms of marketing can be a challenge. There are so many platforms out there that attract a vast array of audiences – which one is right for your business? With over 20 years of digital marketing experience, our challenge was to find a way to ensure effective digital marketing – in other words: find a way to ensure that our clients’ message and brand realises its online potential. We’ve done that, and more – we’ve created your quintessential digital strategy.

Our range of digital marketing services makes sure your business and brand gets the visibility it deserves in the digital sphere. From search engine optimisation, management of your social platforms to custom website development, we are proud to call ourselves a full-service digital marketing agency.

So how do we go about taking your business and brand to the next level? This is how we do it:

Phase One: Website and Platforms

“Having a website is more than just displaying your business card on the web. A website is an extension of your company and needs to be demonstrative of your brand.”

With the digital age now in full swing, it is next to impossible to compete with other businesses and brands without at least having a presence on the internet. Having a website will be the starting point of making sales, as this is where you will gain the attention of your customers.

It is always worth remembering that your website is the king of your brand. Then there must be a queen, right? Absolutely. She is called content. If the website king can keep his queen happy and vice versa, this digital marriage will flourish!

The following steps will be taken in phase one:

  • The creation of a lead generating website, or the modification of your existing website to create leads & to start off the sales process.
  • Leads will be created by adding a contact form to your website’s front page. Every enquiry should capture at minimum either an email or cell number and should ideally be followed up immediately, or as soon as possible. On Facebook, a lead form can be created with your brand’s digital advertising, which will capture leads and send them to both us and you by mail to follow up.
  • Detail captured in your contact form should be used in cross marketing and mass email campaigns, thus building a client database.
  • Establishing presence on various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Monitoring and maintaining of website enquiries, as well as community management of your social profiles – this entails monitoring of mentions, replies and comments and dealing with them appropriately and efficiently.

Phase Two: Driving Traffic to the Website

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Now that your web presence is firmly established through your website and social platforms, driving traffic to your website in order for your sales process to click into gear is the next big priority. We suggest emphasis on the following:

  • BLOGGING. Providing new, regular, unique content will be the order of the day – our copywriters are experienced and qualified to create content that will capture the attention of your target audience. All copy will be hosted and maintained inside the website’s blog/articles/media section, and will be enhanced by the use of pictures, video content and organograms & infographics designed by our graphic designers.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA. The aforementioned established social platforms will become a major part of driving traffic to your website. Building a following on Facebook and related platforms is essential, and this will be done by loading Facebook advertisements (designed by our graphic designers), designing, posting and managing daily posts on your social platforms and sharing your latest blog & other related content on said social platforms. It is important to elaborate why it is essential for your business and brand to consider using social media as your main marketing method:
  • Awareness: now people will know you exist and you social media can explain to them how amazing your business or brand is.
  • Education: potential customers will now be educated through your social platforms as to what the key selling points of your business are.
  • Information & Communication: you can now use social media share information of specific events you’ll be hosting, as well as info of your various products and services.
  • Entertainment: use your social platforms to make people enjoy your brand, what it stands for and how great it is to become a part thereof.
  • Brand building: the value of your brand is its most precious asset. Social media will inform and educate people on this value.
  • Reputation management: your social platforms can be used very successfully to manage compliments, complaints and queries effectively and quickly.
  • Lead generation. Established social media platforms will create leads and generate sales through effective management.
  • SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION). Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO in short, is the process of maximising the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. JQ Digital will optimise every web article as well as pictures/photos/graphics on your website for SEO in order to maximise the success of your visibility online.
  • PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING. This is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites. We provide the following pay per click models: Google ads (based upon searches in Google), Google display ads (picture ads on other websites using the “AdSense” model), Video ads on YouTube, Facebook “like” ads, Facebook “link” ads, Facebook boosts, Instagram ads, Twitter ads and LinkedIn ads.

Phase Three: Converting Traffic and Website Hits into Leads

“By improving your website visitor experience, you can immensely increase your conversion rates.”

Although increasing website traffic is important to build towards a profitable business, converting your traffic into leads, and ultimately sales, is the key. In order to achieve this one has to start by establishing where your web traffic originates from. Understanding your web audience and how you can address their needs will go a long way to increasing your conversion rates.

By ensuring that your website content is magnetic and interesting, we will help you retain your web visitors’ interest by converting their interest into leads via contact/enquiry forms, incentives like free downloads (eBooks) and clickable telephone numbers.

Phase Four: Converting Hits into Sales

“The first rule of lead response is ‘respond.’ Keep things simple – merely responding to leads puts you in the top quartile of organisations.”

It should by now be clear that lead generation is an important part of the sales process. However, investing time, money and expertise into lead generation won’t pay dividends unless you can close sales. The ability to close depends on how long you take to follow up on leads – at JQ Digital we are very good at not only helping your business generate interest and leads, but also to follow up to ensure that your business or brand gains every chance to close more sales.

By implementing the following process we can help your business or brand take that difficult step of converting leads into sales:

  • Immediate follow up. When a lead is generated, take action immediately by contacting said person or company using your phone, by email or using programmes such as Skype or apps such as Whatsapp.
  • Logging. By using Customer Relationship Software (CRM) like Pipedrive or Salesforce, you will be encouraged to log leads effectively and manage the process in order to ensure that valuable leads, which might get lost with a badly managed process, does not go unnoticed or gets lost.
  • Lead nurturing. Not all leads will produce immediate results, but that doesn’t mean they should be discarded. Remarketing is the most effective as it affords you the opportunity to remind potential customers of their interest in your services, thus making sure you don’t lose that lead and hopefully converting it into a sale. Remarketing can be done by mass mail- and mass SMS campaigns, using Facebook audience capturing to set up audiences and using it to target leads, as well as Google AdWords. We like to use the .38 Special-approach and not the shotgun-approach: we love farming & sniping for leads instead of merely hunting them!
  • Creating audiences. For remarketing purposes, we can create audiences from website visitors, Facebook engagements (likes/shares/comments/clicks) & your email or cell number databases and only show them specific ads or content. We can also build “lookalike” audiences that look like the above to broaden your reach.

Phase Five: Measure everything (statistics)   

“If you can measure it, you can manage it. The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” 

The importance of statistics can’t be overstated – it is impossible to measure the results of your social media marketing campaigns without analytics, and without analytics there will be no data to analyse (to see what works and what doesn’t) and present to a client (for them to determine if their investment into digital marketing is successful).

JQ Digital will provide you with detailed monthly statistics on your campaign(s), as well as analysis of your brand or business’ campaign performance.

Whether you are looking to merely boost your brand’s online presence, or if you’re interested in the full range of digital marketing services we provide, JQ Digital will accommodate your needs – with a smile to boot!