Facebook introduces Lead Ads

If you are familiar with social media marketing and specifically how to use Facebook as a platform for it, you have in all probability come across the concept of lead generation: the process of attracting potential customers to your business or service. Now Facebook has made this process even more effective by introducing Lead Ads.

Lead ads are different from normal Facebook ads. Now, when a person clicks on a lead ad, they are taken to an on-Facebook form where they can edit and confirm the information they completed before clicking the “submit” button. This setup makes the process of signing up very easy and in today’s fast paced world, people are more likely to convert if they can sign up faster.

Why you have to consider lead ads:

  • Contact forms are included in your ad. When a person clicks on your ad
  • It makes generating leads much easier. Now you can ask potential customers and interested parties for information and they can submit it without having to leave Facebook.
  • People can review their information. If a person is interested in your business or service offerings after seeing your ad, they can click the call to action, review and change their info if needed before submitting the form.
  • You can choose which questions to ask in the contact form. Every business is unique, thus to customise these questions is a great advantage as you can mould them to fit your business best.
  • Leads are now easily downloadable. Your generated leads can now be downloaded directly from Facebook or alternatively, you can connect your leads to CRM’s such as MailChimp or Pipedrive.

Social Media marketing is a very competitive environment, but it holds enormous possibilities and success when done right and optimally. Facebook lead ads can go a long way to achieve these successes, so get on it!



Social Media Examiner