If you’re sitting on the fence when it comes to choosing the social media marketing path, we can safely tell you that there are significantly more reasons for you to go down that road than to avoid it. One look at all the top businesses will tell you that there is no option but to create a social media presence that not only engages your audience, but gives them a reason to follow your brand and be a part of the overall brand experience.

Here are some of those reasons why we find social media marketing to be one of the most wonderful forms of brand promotion on the Internet!

Branded Posts are Trusted

Sending out a branded message to someone can be deemed as advertising, a method not entirely trusted by most people. However, social media allows you to mask that branding within a simple, non-threatening form that doesn’t drive away audiences. Samsung, for example, sends out tweets with “#SamsungTips” to keep their audience engaged.

Real Estate Matters on Social Media

There is a cost associated with buying almost any kind of space on the Internet but if you are looking for a relatively large ad-space that’s entirely free – check out cover photos on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. From backgrounds to covers, you can easily use that space to promote events.

Engagement can Make a Lot of Difference

There are very few platforms where you can actually see a marked growth in the way your audience responds to your approach to marketing, as you can on social media. Take the example of the Apple iTunes store that, despite posting over 60-updates every single day, saw a much lower rise in their fan base (0.4%) as compared to Subway that had only 9 posts on average, and had a 0.10% customer base growth on Facebook. The reason – Subway had received 162 questions on Facebook and took the time to respond to over 60% of them. Apple had 30-odd questions and didn’t reply to even one!

Time Matters in Some Cases

If you are quick to respond to customer queries, it gets noticed. A poor experience at a restaurant can be easily compensated for by a manager or owner who apologises instantly and offers you a meal on the house. Target does this brilliantly, offering customers solutions to their problems or answers to their queries within the hour.

If you are looking to take your customer engagement and interactions to the next level, social media offers infinite ways to approach the problem. You can be as creative or enterprising as you want. The end result is a fantastic, relatively low cost solution to your marketing problems that directly connects your brands with your customers!