It was revealed yesterday by that Instagram has reached 500 million active users, of whom 300 million use this digital platform at least once a day. These are staggering numbers in anyone’s language – and that is the point. Instagram has turned into a worldwide phenomenon and it doesn’t look like holding up anytime soon (we sure don’t want it to!). Which begs the question: isn’t it time to join the visual revolution?

Great pictures can tell a beautiful story 

We all like looking at pictures. No matter what your interests are, pictures or photos can tell a great, visual story. If a picture or photo is strong enough not even wording is needed to convey its message – what better way to capture attention! Instagram can be a very useful application for any business striving to reach its target audience in the most effective way possible. Any brand should have strong visual representation – this is where Instagram can play a key role.

According to, over the past two years, the social network has more than doubled in size and users outside the USA represent more than 80 percent of the service’s photo sharers. With its incredible growth it makes sense to use it for your business’ advertising.

Be different, be visual 

Imagine how a local bakery, deli or restaurant can lure new customers by posting photos of their tastiest offerings. Or for that matter, entice existing customers to keep coming back… Or a lodge situated in a beautiful location full of natural splendour – what better platform than Instagram to show what is to offer.

It is time to seriously consider Instagram as a tool to boost your business – read why here.