Hi, my name is Juan! I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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Hi, my name is Juan! I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

If you want to start you digital marketing journey with us, click here.

How Many Social Platforms Should You Consider?

by | Aug 31, 2016


    When the CEO of Fuel Online, Scott Levy came out with his book, ‘Tweet Naked’, he emphasised on the importance of creating an all-round social media strategy that will promote the business on multiple platforms. Facebook’s size and flexibility has been its biggest selling points and any social media agency will tell you that if you want your business to succeed online, Facebook has to be on your list.

    However, is Facebook all you need? Can you forego all other social networks and focus all your efforts onto one single platform? Truth is, a large part of what social media platforms, like Facebook, can do for your business depends on the nature of your approach to marketing. If you are thinking about connecting with people and telling them what lies behind the name on the door, Facebook is the ideal platform. However, there are many advantages that other platforms offer, which make them as powerful as Facebook, sometimes more even, when it comes to brand promotion.

    LinkedIn is one big professional party

    If there’s one thing Facebook doesn’t have, it’s professional networking. Nothing beats LinkedIn when it comes to the business world and with over 347 million users it’s a platform you cannot afford to ignore. While Facebook is ideal for dealing directly with consumers, LinkedIn allows you to publish articles and posts that others business professionals may be interested in.

    LinkedIn reports that the average number of connections for a user who publishes an article is about 1050. That’s 1050 people who instantly see your post – something that even Facebook cannot boast about. Even more important is the fact that LinkedIn groups (and there are over 1.5 million of them) are common ground for professionals to meet, discuss and network – Facebook is too casual for that!

    Twitter is about instant communication

    When you send a text message to someone via your phone, you expect to get an instant reply. Twitter is much the same – you send a short message and communication happens almost instantly. 63% of all global brands have an active presence on Twitter while the top 58% of those have over 100,000 followers. With companies like eBay racking up over 1.6 million engagements (replies, tweets and re-tweets) in just three months (Social Times), it is undoubtedly a place where brands need to be seen and heard every single day!

    If it’s on, it’s on YouTube!

    Nothing beats video and voice when it comes to engaging audiences and YouTube has a lot more to offer than just funny cat videos. Every day, over 4 billion videos are viewed on the platform and almost 800 million new users come to YouTube each month. With well over a trillion views over the course of a year, not only does YouTube allow brands to communicate with their customers, they also pay popular videos for the traffic they’re bringing to the platform.

    Effective social media marketing is not about trying to be visible everywhere – it’s about picking the top two or three platforms for your business and focusing all your efforts on them. If you are thinking about a comprehensive social media plan, let your social media agency help you find the right platform and exploit it to the hilt!


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