Are you looking for an agency that has worked in multiple countries, in a variety of environments, and knows all about social media marketing in Gauteng? They will have the bandwidth you need to handle your social media efforts and, going by their past record, will do an extremely good job. JQ Digital fits the bill; no wonder people like Sheraton, Hyundai, Nissan and The Gideons work with this top-class Gauteng agency.

Is it wise to choose a local, homegrown agency over a big-name global agency? After all, international companies that work with AT&T and Disney and the like, running massive campaigns for them, should be a natural choice for your efforts in social media marketing in Gauteng, right? Think again!

Does Size Matter?

As with any marketing, your social media efforts will be determined by the clever use of your budget. When choosing between a big, international agency and a smaller local one, ask yourself which one will help you stretch your budget best. The know-how that you need might be right here on your doorstep!

When you are looking around for an agency to help with your social media marketing in Gauteng, find out about the level of client service you can expect to receive. Are they easy to get hold of? Can you speak to a real consultant when you need something explained? Is there time zone interference? Can the agency match the quality of ideas and execution of a bigger agency at a better price?

Local is Lekker

The one thing a local social media marketing agency in Gauteng can do is use their knowledge of local market conditions and customer preferences and give you the edge that no international agency can. If the social media marketing agency is strong in its understanding of the local environment, their knowledge can be used to customise large activities and events to give them a local twist.

After all, it isn’t just about creating flashy campaigns and using complex tools – it is about connecting with the target audience and developing a relationship that allows your brand to connect and communicate with customers who are buying and using your products every single day. So make sure you consider