So you have decided to set up a Facebook page for your business. Someone advised you to (probably your online marketing experts), or maybe you have just realised for yourself that it is a powerful social media tool that gives you potentially free marketing! You also may have had a Facebook page for years and it’s doing nothing for you. Well, whether you’re just starting out, or the latter, there is an important question you need to ask yourself: “Is your Facebook page the real face of your business?”

The old saying that ‘first impressions count’ is just as relevant when referring to your social media presence as a real life meeting. When potential customers, through yours or the efforts of your digital marketing advisors, are drawn to your page, do they encounter someone they want to do business with? …or a page that tells them little about you …or worse still, even makes them think you do something totally different? Your image, what people know about your business, engaging with them and ensuring you are reaching them, are all part of the complete ‘face’ you need to reveal.

Here are four ‘P’s you can use to check that you are making a great first impression …and remember one thing – Facebook, unlike LinkedIn, is more of a social media platform, so with all the following pointers think of being little less formal. Think social …think engaging.

Your Picture – What good is a face without eyes?

We are by nature visual creatures and your cover image is vital. It should express who you are and potential customers should understand at a glance what you do. You have 851 pixels by 315 pixels for your cover image: try to include an impressive slogan to accompany it. A great picture and a few powerful words can have massive impact. You can now even use a short video as a cover image …your digital marketing expert can advise you.

Your Profile – What good is a face without a name?

You profile picture allows 180 pixels by 180 pixels (shows at 160 pixels by 160 pixels), but what really matters is that your profile says what it really needs to. This is where people learn about you …who you are …what you do …how you help people …what is special about you …why people should connect with you …you only have 155 words to do this and that includes your website address, so if you need to, get a professional to write it for you. Its content is really important, just like the way you introduce yourself when you meet someone face to face.

Your Posts – What good is a face without a mouth?

When someone decides to visit, will you have anything interesting to tell them? Doing regular posts helps you to engage with potential customers immediately. Think about posts that give customers useful information and educates them about your business. If you are doing content marketing these posts can be drawn from the blogs or articles you are writing for your website.

Your Presence – What good is a face that’s never found?

Digital marketing is essential to ensure that potential customers are finding your ‘needle’ in the ‘haystack’ that we call the internet. Contact us for further advice on how to make sure your Facebook page is the real face of your business …and a makeover that has you looking so great the opposition just won’t stand a chance!