With the almost infinite amount of content available on the internet today, it is safe to assume that there really is something for everyone – more content means more views, more engagement and more shares with friends and the world. Now Facebook has made it even easier to share the awesome stuff you want your friends to see!

According to Digital Trends, the billion-plus-strong social network has changed some features: firstly, a new Like button, and secondly two new chrome extensions that simplify bookmarking and updated web plugins that integrate with any webpage.

Facebook says these changes have been well thought through – after some side-by-side “qualitative and quantitive” testing they determined that the new design and features will attract many more clicks than its predecessors.

Said Facebook in press release: “We made sure that any changes we made worked with every configuration previously available. In this design process, we did exhaustive texting with different languages and in the context of people’s sites to ensure backwards compatibility and scalability.”

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