You run a modern company trying to attract modern consumers, so obviously digital marketing holds the key to your business success. After all, digital marketing uses the latest technological platforms to reach the customers that traditional forms of marketing, such as flyers, banners, and radio adverts, can’t even hope to attract.

As with everything in the world of business, however, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Hiring a team of digital marketing experts can help you avoid the costly errors that too many companies risk falling into when their marketing strategy goes wrong.

Quality reigns supreme

One all too common misconception about digital marketing is that it’s all about keywords. Find, or even guess, the keywords that your customers are likely to use and then stuff them into your blogs and web pages. While this approach may have worked in the infancy of digital campaigns, it is now likely to have a detrimental rather than positive effect.

Google, still the king of search engines, places quality before quantity. They’re constantly updating their algorithms so that businesses who provide meaningful articles that meet a real public need are given priority. Web content that contains too many keywords and not enough key information will go to the bottom of the pile.

Your digital marketing reflects your brand

You want your content to be seen by as many people as possible, so of course you want it to say something positive about your brand. In effect, your digital content is your brand today, yet some companies are giving too little thought to what’s out there on the Internet bearing their name.

Even the biggest names can get it wrong; Amazon posted a story about a young girl who had made a list for Santa based upon Amazon links rather than writing a note. This created derision on social media, and led to Amazon looking foolish and lacking in festive spirit.

Keep your content fresh and relevant

You want your business to appear relevant and up-to-date, and that means updating your content regularly. If your social media feeds and blogs are simply repetitions of content from a year ago, what does that say about your business? Even worse is when a business attempts to take a ride on the back of the latest trending news. Habitat tried to do this by adding #Habitat after serious news stories, causing outrage in the Twitter users they had been hoping to reach.

Digital marketing can be a minefield, but when done well it unleashes the true power of your brand. Find out more at JQ Digital.

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