Since most people have a social media profile, how to manage these profiles is considered common knowledge. For businesses however, the rules of engagement change. Knowing what to do to get the most out of your social media marketing is important. Not doing the wrong things is even more important. Here’s some of the worst advice about Social Media Marketing:

You Don’t Need A Plan

Without a plan, you’ll be significantly reducing your chances of success. For a business, it’s not just about WHAT you’re posting, it’s also WHEN you’re doing it. Are you sending it out at the right time? When is it likely to hit the most eyeballs? A strategy helps you take a systematic approach, analyse results and tweak the process. Successful social media marketing relies on testing, testing, testing.

You Have To Be Everywhere Or You’re Nowhere

Sure, the more your content is seen, the more chances there are for conversion, so it makes sense to get out there. But when is too much, too much? Before you go ahead and register on dozens of social media platforms, remember that these aren’t guest appearances – each of your social media accounts will need to be maintained, and this takes time and effort. It’s not just a case of cutting-and-pasting the same posts to different social media platforms – each platform has its own nuances, guidelines and set of requirements. Experts agree on one thing, however. One is just not enough.

Just Ignore Them

Even if the post is ridiculous, the rule of thumb is, respond no matter what. Your business’ reputation lives and dies by your customer service; by not responding to negative posts and comments on your social media page, it appears that you do not care about your customer’s needs. If they were dissatisfied enough to post a negative comment, they will be doubly dissatisfied when you ignore them. What is worse is that everybody else will also jump to conclusions about how you feel about your customers. Some might tell you to disable comments altogether – sure, nothing says, “I’m too scared of reality checks” than disabling comments. Even a negative post can be a positive thing – if you respond correctly. A good response is patient, illustrates respect, and indicates a willingness to address and rectify the problem. Once you have responded, you can move the matter to a private message, and deal with the customer in a personal manner.

Businesses looking to make an impact with their social media marketing should have a good strategy, be vigilant and responsive, and dedicate time and effort to producing engaging content.  

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