Hi, my name is Juan! I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

If you want to start you digital marketing journey with us, click here.

Hi, my name is Juan! I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

If you want to start you digital marketing journey with us, click here.

Light the Fire to Your B2B Social Media Persona

by | Sep 7, 2016


    B2B marketing on social media platforms has drastically evolved since the early days of digital marketing. Companies are focusing more on creating value by providing meaningful content that engages users and gives them information that they can use or relate to. While most companies believe that the B2B marketplace is a vastly different space, there are numerous elements of social media that simplify B2B marketing.

    Here’s a look at three things you can do today to vastly change your approach to B2B marketing on social media.

    1. Providing Insights and Adding Value

    When American Express was launching its different credit card products for companies, they decided to provide them with resources to run their businesses better. The forum, called OPEN, was dedicated to giving businesses a chance to discuss and share ideas – all to find ways of getting better at what they do. AmEx decided to target the 60% failure rate of start-ups and shared content that could help them cope with challenges faced every day.

    Social media posts saw massive engagement with experts and AmEx representatives providing resources and actively replying to user comments. While the social media campaign was largely connected to their OPEN Forum website content, the key reason for its success was that it revolved around providing meaningful content rather than selling credit cards.

    2. Raising Interest Levels with Engagement

    Maersk is a “boring” company for most people who are not connected to the shipping and logistics industry. However, in a bid to create brand awareness and engage audiences more, Maersk launched a social media campaign that included time-lapse videos shot from their ships and transport vehicles to allowing ship captains to represent their point of view on Twitter. Their Instagram campaign showed various company vessels in interesting locations but their biggest success was the #Maersk campaign.

    The company invited users to take pictures of the Maersk logo and post it with #Maersk onto the company account. They took something as simple as a picture and told a massive tale of the company’s global reach by involving customers in the marketing process.

    3. Graphics and Videos Lead the Charge

    2014 was a major year for graphics and videos, with the ALS Ice Bucket challenge becoming a global phenomenon. A simple video or image can make a massive difference due to the instant appeal they hold in the eyes of the target audience. With a massive Vine video campaign, Cisco Systems also managed to create a wave of their own, engaging customers with simple videos to display basic statistics or industry trends.

    Their efforts in taking boring statistics and statements and converting them into interesting videos led to a 500% increase in their follower engagement. Low production value and simple content meant that they could keep their costs down and yet, get the message through in just a few seconds.

    If your business is trying to enhance its B2B social media persona, these can be the sparks you need to start your fire of success.


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