Christmas time and the December holidays are upon us, and while it means a well-deserved break for most people, those in the digital marketing industry readies themselves for a busy period. Especially those whose marketing responsibilities include the African hospitality industry.

Closer to home, the unique characteristics of an African Christmas is a digital marketer’s dream. Africa doesn’t have snow and cold temperatures during this time of year – it has sun, surf, the pristine beauty of the African bush, wonderful food, open skies and very hospitable people. So much great content for marketing on social platforms!

However, there is so much happening at a game farm, lodge, hotel, resort or guest house on any given day that it can be very difficult to write new, original content on a daily basis. This is no different during the Christmas period…

If you’re struggling to create new and unique content, here are some suggestions on what to write about on social media in order to reach your desired audience:

  • Specials, holiday packages and promotions. Africa is a tourist’s dream and taking the favourable exchange rates into consideration, that is not going to change anytime soon. Make sure that all Christmas specials, packages and promotions are marketed well and often – travellers and guests are always looking for a great deal!
  • Food. Food (and drink!). With good travel comes great food. Don’t be scared to show off the many great dishes that Africa has to offer – so much flavour, so much colour, and don’t get us started on the tenderness of the meat… Guests love seeing what they can look forward to devour. Also, market the drink specials at the bar: sun and safari equals thirsty!
  • Food demos / Recipes. As mentioned above, food creates engagement on social media. Short videos on the chef preparing a dish is a great idea, or think about sharing some great recipes on offer in your restaurant.
  • Events. Christmas-themed events like brunches, lunches and dinners, not to mention your quintessential South African braai, is a great way to gain attention from potential guests on social media. Inform them of what event they can expect to attend and experience when they visit.
  • Staff images and videos. Guests and potential visitors like seeing your friendly staff interacting with other guests. It also shows that your staff care and will go out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable. Your staff will also value this – it makes them feel important, which will in turn will increase productivity and service levels.
  • Guest pictures. Guests more often than not like to share their holiday experience on social media. Monitor your platforms consistently and share these images or videos with your followers – when they see that guests are enjoying their holiday, chances increase for a rise in bookings.
  • Reviews. Got some great reviews on your social media platforms? Share! Don’t be scared to show off – potential guests will do their research and if you’ve got good rep going, the chances of an increase in bookings are good.