It is easy to forget that not that long ago, people did not have the luxury of taking pictures on a digital device, not to mention the ability to share it instantly with family, friends or on social media platforms.

Nowadays, people thrive on instant gratification, and one of the most integral parts of this engine is visual communication in the form of taking pictures with a smartphone or tablet and sharing them instantly to an audience of, potentially, hundreds of millions.

By far the most successful social media platform for posting and sharing visual content is Instagram. Starting off as an exclusively social app with roughly 30 million users in 2010, Instagram has evolved into a giant in the digital landscape. In 2013 it introduced advertising for select brands, but it wasn’t until 2015 that advertising for all was made available.

The advantages of marketing your business on Instagram is vast. One only has to glance at some statistics to get perspective on how big the reach of it is:

  • Instagram’s user base is massive, which naturally means greater and more successful engagement with users and fans. In December of 2016 the visual social media platform hit the 600 million user mark, with roughly 300 million + active users.
  • 8% of brands are on Instagram. By 2017, this is predicted to rise to 70.7%. Engagement with brandson Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.

Still not convinced as to why you should consider Instagram for a great addition to your business’ adverting budget? Here’s why:

  • Increased engagement. As mentioned above, your branded posts have the potential to reach an incredible number of people. Ad some hashtags (the more the merrier!) and include other handles in your post and your engagement will skyrocket.
  • Targeting the right market. Almost 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35. If your business targets the millennial generation, you should jump on the bandwagon immediately. This doesn’t mean that the older generation should be discarded – brands that cater for over 35’s are also using Instagram to great success. It is important to remember that this is a highly visual platform – brands that look and feel good, will always do well, no matter the age range of the target market.
  • Gaining trust for your business. Potential and current customers like seeing the people behind the business as well as the day-to-day happenings going on in your office or hub. Instagram has made it easy to quickly take a behind-the-scenes photo, choose a filter if need be and share it to your profile.
  • Gain more traffic to your website. By adding your business’ URL to your Instagram profile, the potential to increase traffic, and subsequently generate leads that evolves into new business, is significantly boosted. Provided you brand yourself well visually, regularly post updates and reply to comments and enquiries, you should be golden!