There is absolutely no question that LinkedIn is the biggest and best social media business platform. With over 300 million users this is the place to be seen and to be heard, but the question is “Are you being seen? … and amongst 300 million others, are you making this huge platform an effective tool for actually creating new clients or customers?”

As one of the more successful digital marketing exponents we have learned a few of the essential things about this great business platform and so here are 5 ways make LinkedIn really work for you…

  • Create an effective profile – A profile on LinkedIn, if you are serious about doing business there, has to consist of more than a few personal details and your personal philosophy of life. If anything, this will have prospective business contacts running a mile and never engaging with you. A professional profile on LinkedIn should include something about you personally for sure, but just what is pertinent. It should also tell people what business you do, how you can help them, why they should do business with you and why they should connect with you. If you need help, let a good online marketing company assist you, or put you onto a professional writer who can.
  • Connect with the right people – It is important when trying to do business to try to target your customers or clients as best as you can. When you first start on LinkedIn it is probably a good idea to make connection with family and friends, but try to at least include networks and people who may be able to refer the right business people to you. When you have been on this platform for a while, take the time to start trying to connect only with people who you can do business with. One point here though – don’t necessarily shut out people of your own profession, as knowing what they are doing can be helpful ….and remember the old saying keep your friends close …and your enemies even closer!
  • Create content that people want – As soon as you have begun to create some sort of network, you need to start making your voice heard. How do you do that? Think of what your prospective clients may want to know about your business and then create content to answer these questions. Write an article every now and then (or have it written for you). This can be extensive and comprehensive as you can go to over 800 words if you need to. Don’t get boring though – always be relevant and keep it interesting from a layman’s point of view. The key is to inform and educate – this makes you a ‘thought’ leader in other people’s eyes and an expert in your field. Do regular posts (around 50 to 100 words) at least 2 or 3 times a week – they can even be excerpts from your articles. It’s all about being seen regularly!
  • Engage with others – Remember that engaging is a two way street, so you need to make a point of reading other’s posts and making some comments from time to time. Compliment them or share their posts. Congratulate you connections on their successes. It’s all about building relationships. That’s how business is conducted online.
  • Start or join groups – People, including business people, like to engage with ‘like-minded people’. If your business doesn’t have an already existing group, you can form one …if there are existing groups then join them, but don’t go in like a ‘bull in a china shop’ telling everyone else that their businesses suck! Listen to other’s opinions and learn what you can.

We hope these 5 ways to make LinkedIn really work for you have been helpful. In essence, like most social media platforms, it’s about having a presence that informs and constantly engages with others. Engage with us too if you would like to ensure that whatever your social media presence is, you are always on top of the pile when it comes to being seen!

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