Everyone knows that LinkedIn packs a punch. With over 450 million users, over 1 billion endorsements, and 2.1 million groups it would be foolish not to wonder what the fuss is about. Have you given any thought to how social media marketing on this platform could boost your own business or career? 89.7% of people have found LinkedIn to be beneficial in their pursuit of a wider network to grow or develop their personal careers or business. What’s more, if you make about 20 posts a month, you’ll be able to reach at least 60% of your LinkedIn audience.

Is there some part of LinkedIn that you can exploit for your own social media marketing plan in ways that you didn’t know? Here are three of the most important things to know about LinkedIn:

1. People are serious about LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a serious platform for serious professionals. While the average user spends about 17 minutes on the website in a month, about 42% of them spend considerable time making sure their profiles are up to date. 39% of all users are serious enough to pay for LinkedIn’s services and features while 35% of users make sure they come to the website at least once every single day! These are people actively seeking networking opportunities – tweak your profile, publish articles and join groups to make sure they notice you!

2. Networking is much simpler than you’d think

One out of every three professionals around the world is connected through LinkedIn. 200-odd conversations happen every minute on LinkedIn. To increase the power of your networking, all you need to do is make a few changes to your profile. For example, adding a photograph makes it 11 times more likely that your profile is going to be viewed on LinkedIn.

3. Timing is everything in social media marketing

Posting at the wrong time, on social media, is akin to keeping your store’s neon sign switched off at night. The same goes for your LinkedIn posts and updates. Between 10am and 2pm is when your posts are likely to get shared the most. If you are looking to start a conversation, you might see a lot more happening then than at any other time of the day.

With the knowledge of these three features, you should be able to give your LinkedIn social media marketing campaigns that little push they might need!