In the spring of 2006 Bill Gates said, “The future of advertising is the Internet”. That seems reasonable since the rise of social media has brought customers from all over the world together on the Internet. A successful marketing plan targets the largest number of consumers – those numbers are on social media.

If you are in business hoping to succeed, then social media is where you need to be. Over the next five years, over 85% of customers will conduct their business without personal contact. Your success in directing those customers to your business with a resulting sale will determine whether you will stay in business at all. Here are some tips on how to do that.

  1. Content is still king. Eye-catching content is an essential part of marketing. Consumers on social media spot your post and respond to it if it is interesting. It has to grab their eye, their attention and their interest. Art design, video, audio and text all combine to make that important first impression.
  1. Social media marketing has many platforms. You want to show up on all of them. You want your quick link and all of your content adaptable to all media. Stay versatile.
  1. Consider using more articles than ads. 70% of customers questioned claim they prefer reading articles to ads. Businesses are finding that frequent blogging, up to 15 times per month, increases their customer traffic dramatically. Blogs have more detailed information for the consumer. Frequent updating keeps it fresh.

Some major corporations have their in-house social media staff to manage their profile and multiple social media accounts. Most businesses find that money spent outsourcing social media advertising provides excellent returns.

Social Media Marketing in South Africa 

JQ Digital, based in Pretoria, South Africa is an innovative social media marketing agency. Their team of inventive graphic designers, video editors, programmers and creative content producers know how to get your company noticed. Look to them for outsourcing your business’s social media marketing.

Their imaginative presentations are artful and original for each company. This JQ Digital is not “out of the box” media marketing. Working within your budget their staff will develop a customized program that will put your logo before the eyes of millions of consumers every day.

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