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Why Use YouTube for Business

It’s hard to avoid YouTube if you use the internet at all. No site on earth hosts more video content, and having an easily-accessible channel for all of your dynamic video content is central to an effective marketing campaign.

Individuals and companies have used YouTube to bring their messages to a global audience, and failing to jump on the high-definition bandwagon would be a major loss for any brand’s marketing strategy. Viral videos have made stars out of ordinary people, and a captivating corporate video can spread a company’s message further than was ever possible before the beginning of the internet age.

Just having great videos is not enough, however: to be a YouTube success, you will also need a well-made channel, and more importantly, the right platforms to share your content, bringing it to the screens and smartphones of the people who should see it. Here at JQ Digital, we have worked on a number of successful YouTube campaigns, developing dynamic and evocative content that has turned good campaigns into exceptional ones.

In consultation with you, we can build your YouTube channel from the ground up, share your content on other platforms where it will garner the most views, and monitor the progress of your content to ensure it’s working for you and your brand.

What we offer:


  • YouTube channel development
  • Quality video production in high definition
  • Content creation in conjunction with other social media platforms
  • Video view count monitoring, analysis and improvement
  • Integration and embedding of YouTube videos on other platforms

Our team will happily discuss the details and benefits of a YouTube campaign with you. Simply make an enquiry with the contact form to the right, give us a call or set up an appointment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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