We live in dangerous times, and social media management proves it. The traditional approach to marketing is no longer a viable solution: social media demands a completely different and engaging approach. Brands are facing the “change or perish” dilemma that can no longer be ignored.

As we all know, social media is a platform where the Internet population connects and talks to each other. It brings people closer, at times people who don’t even know each other, and creates a wonderful mesh for likeminded people in one single location. This gives brands the opportunity to meet those people and talk to them, creating relationships with those people on the platforms they frequent. Social Media Management is the process of managing these interactions and establishing a brand image on those particular platforms.

The traditional approach of talking at the target audience cannot survive in a place where everyone has an opinion, and isn’t afraid to air it. As social media has evolved the role of marketers has also changed.

No Place for Marketing Dinosaurs

The one thing that has really affected the way a brand is viewed in the eyes of its customers is their activity of social media. What a brand does or says has a lot more to do with how it is perceived. 46% of all social media users, which numbers well over a billion people, use social media accounts before making a purchase. They are checking out your social media profile to find out how worthy you are of receiving their business.

If you stick to older marketing practices of using sales-based approaches, then the problem remains the inability to engage customers when they are not buying. There is no focus on building relationships, and brands struggle to create those bridges with compensatory after-sales tactics. The biggest problem with after-sales communication is that most of them are reactionary – in other words, they are reliant primarily on the customer coming to them or there being a problem with the product. Everything else is generally considered as intrusive by the customer, and irritating.

Acquiring Customers through Social Media

With social media management taking centre-stage, the primary focus of marketers has shifted onto generating customers by taking over the lead-generation phase. Using a variety of approaches, which include informing and educating potential customers, brands have been able to create relationships even when those prospects are not buying. These information-providing elements accomplish develop a relationship between the buyer and the seller, even before they are buyer and seller.

Social media management has expanded beyond the realm of being a mere marketing tool to being an essential part of the sales process. From generating leads to establishing customer relationships before and after the actual sale, social media management drives brand marketing and image development on a global level.

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