Hi, my name is Juan! I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

If you want to start you digital marketing journey with us, click here.

Hi, my name is Juan! I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

If you want to start you digital marketing journey with us, click here.


by | Mar 4, 2016



    That is the question that has haunted businesses ever since Twitter became the social media phenomenon that it is. Business owners and managers spend a lot of time pondering things like,“Should my business be on Twitter?” and “Am I losing out to the competition because I do not have a Twitter profile?”

    Well, the answer is simple – you have to figure it out and we’ll tell you how! The easiest way to know of Twitter’s worth for you is to understand the basis of the Twitter and how it works.

    Twitter is ‘Now’ Marketing

    Twitter is all about live, short, quick interactions – that means, it is ideally suited for a business that is ideal for things like breaking news or real-time communication. It is not a place where you would spend a lot of time looking for links to informative articles or data, but rather a place where you are likely to find what’s happening in the here and now.

    Take the Oscar Pistorious trial as an example – journalists were present inside the courtroom and tweeting constantly about what was going on inside. Sure, they were writing articles about the day in court and tweeting links to that article too, but guess which tweets got bigger views and re-tweets?

    Numbers don’t Matter – Usage Does!

    The thing that most articles and websites will try and tell you is, Twitter has so-many-millions of users and there are so-many-billions of tweets sent out each day and so on. Fact is, it doesn’t matter to you because even if you had a million followers, the only way Twitter would actually benefit your business is if your tweets were read!

    Reach isn’t the problem with Twitter – relevance is! If your content is not relevant to the discussion happening right then and there, it gets lost in the crowd of tweets that flow by each second!

    Use Twitter for Communication

    One of the best ways businesses can use Twitter is to talk about things that are happening in the now. Is there an industry-specific event happening that you are at? Tweet about it! Is there a major discussion happening in your office about a particular topic? Tweet about it!

    Fact is, there are certain things that get re-tweeted and certain things that don’t. If you are trying to use Twitter wisely for your business, what you need to do is figure out how much of the things that get re-tweeted are actually happening in your business. If you find the numbers tilted in favour of Twitter usage, go ahead and make an account and tell the world what you’re up to! For help with twitter, contact www.juanq.co.za


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