Social Media marketing in Gauteng.

Localised social media marketing in Gauteng, is the next big thing for businesses who are trying to get noticed amongst the local population. Most businesses tend to get side-tracked by the way social media allows access to the entire world – but this just leads to a diluted social media marketing strategy that doesn’t reach any members of your target audience. Effectively, you end up running a massive social media marketing programme that goes out to everyone in the world, but the people who get it cannot really benefit from your messaging because your services are only available locally.

On the other hand, local people who can actually come down to your business, and buy from you, aren’t getting the benefits because your marketing is misdirected. The best way to overcome this problem is to create a strategy for social media marketing in Gauteng, catering to your potential customers in only that part of South Africa.

Keeping Things Local

One of the most common things businesses try to do, through social media, is piggy-back on holidays or special occasions to create a buzz. Unfortunately, most don’t give a thought to the kind of days they are picking and in some cases, end up talking about global phenomena to local people. For example, speaking about how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Paris or Milan will not lead to table-bookings at your restaurant in Gauteng.

By bringing a local angle and talking about things that are more relevant to your customers, and places that they know or talk about, you can completely transform the way they respond to your posts and updates. Getting a person in Gauteng to come to your business is worth more than impressing thousands of people all over the world, who are probably never going to drive down your street.

The Advantages of Going Local

While most people may feel they are limiting themselves by going local, the fact is, for businesses that are rely on local customers, it makes more sense to build up a local fan following. More importantly, the problem of overcoming the language barrier no longer exists and neither does the difficult of managing a global campaign. You know the people who live in Gauteng and you know what they like or don’t like because you are one of them!

By focusing your social media activities on a local level, you will give the people around you – your potential customers – the opportunity to get to know you better. Partnering with an experienced company specialising on social media marketing in Gauteng will give you an advantage over your competitors.