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Why Use LinkedIn for Business

Anyone on the internet can sign up on Facebook and Twitter, but LinkedIn is made for professionals. Companies are increasingly turning to LinkedIn to find individuals with the right qualifications to market to and draw in to join their teams. As your business grows, it will become progressively more beneficial to have a well-constructed LinkedIn profile to create a professional online standing of good repute.

Marketing on LinkedIn comes with benefits that are not available on other networks: not only are you promoting your business’ products or services, you are also attracting the skills you need to grow and maintain the high standards you want to maintain. The network allows you to market directly to professionals who can potentially add value to your company in one way or another.

A well-made LinkedIn profile for your company offers users information about what you do, updates on your enterprise, services and opportunities to interact with you about sales. JQ Digital can tailor your LinkedIn presence to effectively portray the values of your company, on par with the very best in the world.


What we offer:

  • Personal account management
  • Corporate account management
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Reputation management
  • LinkedIn Answers campaigns to ask potential clients questions
  • Publishing articles to LinkedIn Pulse

Our team will happily discuss the details and benefits of a LinkedIn campaign with you. Simply make an enquiry with the contact form to the right, give us a call or set up an appointment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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