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Why Use Instagram for Business

As one of the fastest growing social networks in the world today, Instagram is becoming an indispensible part of a rich and engaging marketing campaign. The network is an ideal tool for making your brand more visual and personal, putting it in front of more potential fans, clients or buyers.

The great thing about Instagram is that the posts can be shared to a wide range of other social media platforms. As a result, using the network can make your brand much more visual – not only with images, but even with short video clips too. To top it off, it’s a very low-cost way of marketing your business, making possible return on investment very high. Instagram is a great way of keeping your brand positive, personal, and more importantly, accessible.

Instagram is not a sales platform. It’s more personal, more engaging: it’s about visual brand awareness and creating positive brand association. Getting your image in front of the right people is the biggest challenge in terms of effective marketing, but with the right hashtagging and the new feature of Instagram Ads, your enterprise will be out there in no time. We at JQ Digital have an experienced team who know just how to take advantage of these features to best work for you.

What we offer:


  • Image and video clip editing and posting
  • Setting up paid Instagram Ads to reach a wider audience
  • Building a following of people directly interested in what you offer
  • Monitoring and maintaining engagement levels
  • Comment monitoring and response on your behalf

Our team will happily discuss the details and benefits of an Instagram campaign with you. Simply make an enquiry with the contact form to the right, give us a call or set up an appointment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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