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Why Use Google Plus for Business

Google+ is often misrepresented as a “dead” social network, but the reality could not be further from the truth. The network is not confined to the realm of social media: its features have been extended to cover most of Google’s products, which makes it a highly visible network that a growing number of companies are exploiting to successfully market themselves.

Having a Google+ account greatly enhances your company’s visibility on Google search results, which is a major benefit in itself when prospective clients are searching the web for a product or service that you offer. In other words, sharing your information directly with Google puts you at the front of the search results queue on the world’s biggest internet stage.

Google+ is particularly effective when used in tandem with other social networks and marketing tools. Here at JQ Digital, we know just how to optimise your corporate social network presence to bring your image to the audiences who are most likely to use your services or become your clients. We put your brand in front of the people who need or want you most, in the most effective and well-tailored way possible.

With our professional team of digital marketing specialists will develop your Google+ and accompanying social accounts to reflect the professional nature of your enterprise, whatever field you happen to work in.


What we offer:

  • Google+ account creation and development in consultation with you
  • Profile management for individuals
  • Profile management for companies and businesses
  • Follower analysis and audience growth
  • Searchability improvement and search engine optimisation
  • Reputation management

Our team will happily discuss the details and benefits of a Google+ campaign with you. Simply make an enquiry with the contact form to the right, give us a call or set up an appointment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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