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We provide a bespoke solution to cover your professional event. Our specialist event social media strategy provides for everything social and digital around your event. We start at the pre-planning phase and take the process right through to the post-event evaluation and Thank You stage.

Social Media plays a very important role in the success of every event. From a basic birthday party to a huge international event, every time someone takes a picture, writes a message or shares a small video of what they are doing, it’s all publicity for you. They do this to impress friends, share information educate others or just to create a lasting memento. JQ Digital has the right team to make your socialised event prominent and effective, using the social platforms available to best market your brand and get it to the audience that matters most. See our various social media sections here for more details of how they can help you reach a wider range of potential clients and fans in an engaging and beautifully-crafted way.

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Make your event trend

Our social media event coverage and marketing solutions are customized and so unique to suite every business goals and objectives. The key is planning and we rock at planning an event

Pre Event Planning

Timeline planning
Visual elements
Social event platforms
Location claiming
Monitor and listening

Pre event social

X posts per day
Event marketing
Conversation monitoring
Social advertising

During Event Social

Follower growth management

Post Event

Thank You

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