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With any web page, social media post or article, the information it carries will almost always be in the form of text. Having clear, concise and meaningful copy on your page or project is an integral part of online and digital marketing; without it, the message of your business or organisation is lost, and your marketing has no value.

JQ Digital offers full copy writing and editing solutions for your project. Articles, web text, social media posts and any other writing requests can be done to specification, tailored to your needs and the image of your company or organisation. Existing texts can be edited to bring them to life, make them more effective to deliver your message more clearly to your audience, giving you the professional image you want. Beyond the basics of grammar checking and spelling correction, texts can be edited for reading ease, information compactness, clarity and accuracy. All copy is then reviewed by you before it is published, to ensure that it meets the specifications laid out for the project.

All copy writing and editing projects are done in personal consultation with you, to ensure that your digital product is as effective as possible and presents all the information you wish to offer to your prospective clients. Each project has a unique tone, voice, character and register, and so each text is adapted to suit the exact identity of your business. Your completed and approved texts will also be integrated into your digital platform for you, for a complete solution to your online marketing needs.

Our editor and copy writer is fully qualified and experienced with corporate projects, having produced copy for several high-profile clients. Superior workmanship is assured, as with all aspects of JQ Digital projects. Feel free to enquire should you have any questions about our copy writing and editing services, and how they can benefit your business.

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