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Our consulting services covers all the areas related to the online universe including website development, digital marketing and general internet related consulting.

Consulting is an integral part of ensuring that your digital marketing is exactly in line with your vision for your business. Our consultants provide a range of services to cover all areas related to the online universe, including website development, digital marketing and social media, all provided to you on a personal basis.

We offer a comprehensive analysis option where we go through your complete digital and online profile. Starting from how your business currently operates on the internet, we isolate potential areas of concern, areas that are not performing as they should and areas where the results can be improved. Added to this, we use your vision for your business to construct a comprehensive and consistent profile that becomes a template for your pages across the internet, giving them an authenticity that will attract your audience and keep their attention. Finally, we will give you a detailed analysis report that outlines your business goals and strategies, an analysis of your competition and, last, the actions your business should take in order to make your digital footprint one that is seen by the right people at the right time.


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What is content? …and where is it used?

What is content? …and where is it used?

So content marketing is the big buzzword in online marketing or digital marketing strategies. Whole seminars and hundreds of articles like this one talk about it, so there must be something to it. Any digital marketing expert will tell you that if you have a website...

What is ‘Online Reputational Management?’

What is ‘Online Reputational Management?’

‘Spur loses millions after social media video shows racist argument!’ ‘Zille becomes toothless and powerless after Colonialism quotes!’ Pretty shocking headlines aren’t they? The most shocking thing about them is actually that they are the result of seemingly innocent...

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