Hi, my name is Juan! I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

If you want to start you digital marketing journey with us, click here.

Hi, my name is Juan! I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

If you want to start you digital marketing journey with us, click here.

“Are we doing social media well?”

by | Feb 11, 2016


    We’ve reached the point where social media is becoming the first port of call for people to find businesses they need. You might say, “yes, but people will Google it first” – true, but Google pulls the information about you from your website and social media!

    When Googling a business, the search engine gives you the information about that business upfront: usually its location, a brief description, its operating hours and whether or not it’s open now. Google Maps has even integrated that information to warn you if your destination is going to close before your expected time of arrival. In short, integrating all of this information has allowed smartphone users in particular to find businesses and their information quickly and easily. If your competition has their info better integrated than your business does, you’re not going to get search engines directing potential clients to you at all.

    It’s not a question of whether or not to do social media; it’s about how well you do it. Having comprehensive and easily-accessible details about your enterprise will make a dramatic difference in how well you attract your clientele, and it can make the difference between surviving and growing.

    Unfortunately for many business owners, social media is evolving faster than they can afford. It takes dedication to keep up with current trends, features and algorithms that will either take you to the top of search results or have you left behind. You’re busy managing your business and making sure you’re keeping your head above water, and you didn’t notice that your competition has got integrated apps on their Facebook pages and articles on their LinkedIn profiles that are attracting the right talent for recruitment. Suddenly, your competition is growing faster than you can, and you fade into the background.

    There are many solutions, depending on what your budget is. Employing a dedicated social marketer is great, if you get someone good and if you can afford them. Outsourcing is a more affordable way to get very effective service. A social media marketing agency has the tools on hand to make your digital presence clear and comprehensive, so that search engines pick you up and you’re clearly visible to internet users. There are many techniques involved in optimising your online content to be more easily picked up by search engines, from relevance to frequency of appearance of your search terms to overall popularity. It’s not easy out there on the internet! But if your content is tailored to fit into these algorithms more soundly, you’re going to be front and centre.

    Whether you need your social media set up from the beginning or you just need advice on your current suite of profiles, we’re here to help. Give us a ring or drop us an email with your questions and you’ll hear back from our team. Our doors are open and our shoulders are here to cry on if you’ve hit a snag! So get on your social media game today and get head and shoulders above your competition.


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