The accommodation industry is one of the most competitive all around the world. Globally, it is expected to hit the 550 billion USD mark in 2016, which is about 100 billion more than it was five years ago. Anyone in the hotel industry intending to take their fair share of this huge sum of money has to consider perfecting their marketing strategies. In this day and age, the internet is where most people spend the greater part of the day. Especially for a hotel or spa, it is a key marketing venue and one which should be exploited to the maximum in order to keep at par with the competition. If you are trying to find a way of infiltrating this venue, here are five reasons why you should choose to employ a digital marketing agency.

1. It is specialized

A digital marketing agency is specialized in promoting your services and business on digital platforms. This means that all their resources and talent is focused on doing this job perfectly. In essence, such an agency dedicates its time to follow up on digital trends, social media conversations and exploiting all of these to create an image for your service. Digital marketing agencies also have access to expensive marketing equipment and tools.

2. It is affordable

For a spa or hotel business, the marketing team will consist of a number of people who write, design, edit, analyse and do other important marketing tasks. Of course, this amounts to a larger cost in salaries. And even more is the time and money spent on recruiting new employees. A digital marketing agency is not only a means to cut costs, but it also doesn’t require you to keep paying every month like you would with employees. You don’t have to promise anyone a long term job.

3. It will keep you relevant in the business

Since a digital marketing agency is specialized to do nothing other than marketing products and services across digital platforms, they are better placed to keep your business relevant. A digital marketing agency will help you weed out outdated marketing strategies, and instead use newer alternatives. As their full time job, they will keep track of your competition and other players in the business and thus have an understanding of what is and what is not relevant.

4. It optimizes your marketing expenditure

Hiring people to market your products as employees will eventually prove to be either a very cheap alternative, or a standard quality alternative; but never both. Since a digital marketing agency will generally serve more than one client, they can afford to offer cheaper service and at the same time, maintain great quality. In addition, you get to work with up to date tools that you would otherwise not afford.

5. It is scalable

As your company grows, it will require wider marketing campaigns. Your digital marketing agency will have no strain in fitting into your new requirements. This is as opposed to hiring your own staff as you will need to keep finding new employees.