No, it’s not a typo. It’s ‘Status Capture’ – not the ‘State Capture’ that has made headlines in South Africa for the longest time, but ‘Status Capture’ – a phrase coined by local digital marketing company JQ Digital and a principle that could really boost your business.

There is a similarity. Both ‘State Capture’ and ‘Status Capture’ can make you a lot of money (no doubt some of our politicians and that well known Indian family would agree), but that’s pretty much where any comparison ends. The first is about National politics and the second is about how through elevating your status online and through social media you can capture your potential market and have more clients without even selling!

So, here are just 3 ways that ‘Status Capture’ can boost your business:

  • Ensure your website elevates your status – Your website is the front face of your business. Unless it is through networking, where you meet people face to face and word of mouth referrals may source you new clients, the only way people can engage with you is through your online presence …and your website is your ‘home base.’ A poor website, therefore, is like presenting yourself at a meeting in torn clothes and disheveled hair. Have a website that makes you look good. Say the right things on your website to engage with people and give them what they want – I.E., useful information and a solid value proposition. Tell them why they should use you and what you can do for them. Be engaging, just as you would if you met them face to face.
  • Post articles that elevate your status – Elevating your status is not about some irrelevant comment on Facebook where it asks you to ‘update your status’, it’s about creating good content, both on your website (Which becomes your personal long term intellectual property) and on your social media that:
    1. Gives your clients the information they are seeking, thereby giving them something for nothing. This endears them to you.
    2. Tells your clients that you are an authority in your line of work, thereby ‘elevating your status!’

Shorter posts to your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter (extracted from the articles that populate your website) and articles on LinkedIn, help you to engage with prospective clients constantly, elevating your status within your industry.

  • Use digital marketing to elevate your status – To ensure your website is found and your content is discovered, get expert advice on digital marketingBeing one of the only needles in the haystack called the internet, that really can be found, greatly elevates your status as an online presence to be reckoned with.

These are just 3 ways ‘Status capture’ can boost your business! There are many more strategies that can really capture new clients without you selling to anyone. You are welcome to Contact us to learn more.