For businesses, an online economy offers tremendous advantages. One such advantage is the worldwide exposure that the internet provides. With proper social media management, a business can reach large audiences and gain major authority for their brand which translates in higher profits.

In this digital age, we are confronted by terms such as social media or social networking and many of us don’t know the difference, or even the meaning behind those terms. Let’s see if we can clear this up:

Social Media vs Social Network

Social media is defined as a group of applications located on the Internet that allow users to create and exchange content and by content we mean text, images, videos etc.

A social network is a social structure created by users, groups or organisations as a way to communicate and share content among them. So, a social network is a small part of social media which includes websites, blogs, forums, photo sharing, business and social networks, social gaming, products and services reviews etc.

Social Media Marketing is Free

As a business owner you might think that starting a marketing campaign on social media is free. To a certain point, you might be right. Opening an account on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, doesn’t cost you anything. You could also start a blog free of charge. Having any kind of online presence for your business is a start but online marketing is so much more than that.

In the end, what’s the purpose of having an account on any social network sites if you cannot reach and interact with your customers and engage new potential clients? In this aspect, there is no difference between traditional marketing channels and online marketing channels. They both cost money.

Social Media Marketing is Easy

Of course! Anybody can open a Facebook page or post a tweet on Twitter, just like anybody can drive a car. That doesn’t mean they are good at it. How about posting relevant content about your product/business/company in such a way that specifically targets the right audience and engages them to find out more?

What about starting a marketing campaign using various social media tools that can increase the traffic on your website, social network page or increase your monthly profits? Those are objectives that are not so easy to accomplish without professional help.

So, if you thought social media marketing was free and easy, think again. But, this doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and rewarding. Find out how the social media experts at JQ Digital can get your business brilliant exposure on powerful social networks, all within your budget!