Many e-commerce business owners think Google marketing is the only way to go, and that social media comes second. They cannot be faulted because, like little kids, we have been told over and over again that without Google’s blessing, your e-commerce could end up as a non-starter. But, when we dig in, we find a different story: social media is equally, or more important and Facebook is right at the top there.

Let’s examine how you can join the social media race and get the best out of it.  Here are 3 tips to help you along the way:

  1. Facebook Leads The Pack In Social Media

You probably already know that when it comes to social media, Facebook leads the pack. It makes sense that your marketing efforts should be focused on this juicy medium to ensure that your business is seen by the widest possible audience.

An average user on Facebook spends about 42 minutes every day on this social media platform. Referral traffic from Facebook alone has grown by a whopping 59.58% in 2014 when compared with the performance in 2013. But, a rider to this is that if your business is focused on fashion or beauty products, you might want to keep Pinterest also riding along since that would add to your advantage.

  1. Visibility On Multiple Devices

Around the globe, more and more people are now taking to mobile devices.  Therefore, your Facebook marketing effort, as part of your social media campaign should ensure that your message is easily accessible on all types of devices. If you take South Africa for instance, just about 10% of the population is using desk tops and many of them may not be social media fans.  But, when you look at mobile Internet, the number of users in South Africa area equal to or more than her population!

  1. Facebook Is Determined To Grow Even Faster

On its internet.org platform, Facebook has already announced its plans to launch free Internet (basic) services across as many as 19 countries.  Across the globe, it has plans to provide this service to more than 4 billion people who are presently not part of the digital universe.


By including Facebook in your social media strategy, you are assured of reaching more users quicker. For help marketing your business on Facebook, contact www.juanq.co.za.

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